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Visual and multimodal methods of response in the English Language Arts classroom

Curriculum and PedagogyLanguage Arts and Literacy
1 Hour Session
12:30 PM, Friday 14 Feb 2020 (1 hour)
TELUS Convention Centre - Glen Room 205
Location : TELUS Convention Centre - Glen Room 205

Though the dominant method of response in the ELA classroom is unavoidably words and language, this presentation will focus on how English teachers may incorporate visual methods of response as a means of encouraging their students' proliferation and play of literary meaning. This session may also be of interest to teachers across the disciplines, as the educational values of multimodality are increasingly recognized as beneficial for students at all levels. This presentation will draw from my previous research at the University of Alberta, where I worked with preservice teachers responding visually to comics and graphic novels. I will also involve the audience in a collaborative practice of visual response.

University of Alberta
Associate Professor