Serious Play: Building Your Social Emotional Learning Toolbox (Gr. 4 - 12)

Half Day Workshop
12:30 PM, Thursday 13 Feb 2020 (2 hours 45 minutes)
St. Monica Elementary School - Learning Commons
Division 2 - Grades 4-6Division 3 - Grades 7-9Division 4 - Grades 10-12
Location : St. Monica Elementary School - Learning Commons

Social-Emotional Learning is about building self and social-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, and relationship skills to enable change and growth – the foundations of resiliency. Serious Play: Building your Social Emotional Learning Toolbox for intermediate and middle and secondary school students, explores the use of experiential activities and games to promote and engage students in the fundamentals of Social Emotional Learning. The games and activities used to explore social emotional learning will be of kinaesthetic, experiential and hands-on in design. There will be an emphasis on various models of facilitation and debriefing to support bridging the experiences of the activities to the SEL competencies. These tools and resources can be used in your schools and classrooms immediately. This will be a very active, participator, and engaging workshops. Come ready to play (yes, older students and even us professionals can benefit from play too), have fun, learn, and expand your social emotional learning toolboxes.
Inquiry Adventures and the Vancouver School Board
Workshop Facilitator and School Counsellor

Who's Attending 

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