Let Them Fail - How Saving Kids is Hurting Kids

1 Hour Session
Thursday 13 Feb 09:00 AM (1 hour)
Glenbow Museum - Theatre
Location : Glenbow Museum - Theatre

In a world overwhelmed by the pressure to succeed, one educator is calling for a new focus. Education has a problem; Our "best" students consistently cheat, crumble after disappointment, and flounder without hand-holding. Worse still, they are driven only by grades. (…You know the question: “Will this be graded?”) Meanwhile, our most challenged students consistently disengage, drop out, and think the whole thing is a waste of time. In this lively and hilarious presentation, teachers will get concrete strategies on how to use failure to create resilient, capable, self-motivated students.
The Beanstalk Project
Founder/Lead Facilitator

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