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Trickster Theatre

Build a performance on any educational theme  with up to 600 actors! We supply everything you need. In each Trickster Residency we create an original 90 minute theatre performance for up to 600 actors in only one week. The show is based on a theme chosen by the school and developed with the assistance of Trickster. Recent themes have included: Kids as Global Citizens, The History of the Cowboy, Bullying, Literary Genres, The Wild World of Science, and The Leader in Me, to name a few. We provide the lighting, sound, curtains, costumes, and props - not to mention the directors, producers, and artists to lead it all. Residencies typically include two performances - one during school hours and  one on Thursday or Friday evening. With over 700 residencies in more than 30 years, you can rely on us to create a show that will astound you.

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