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STEM wonders for Edutainment

STEM wonder is a proud Canadian company with the goal of providing educational, challenges and fun activities to children of all ages to instill a clearer picture and understanding of what science, technology and innovation are all about and how it affects the world around us and shape it in our daily lives. At STEM wonders our mission is to spark children’s imaginative learning through science and engineering thinking, hands-on learning programs. We have a wide range of products to offer to your students such as, full dome movies, STEM workshops, Hands-on STEM programs, STEM challenges and competitions, camps and science shows.

We come to you... Our sky dome is tremendous hit, whenever we visit your premises, we will take your students scientist, engineer, mathematician and astronomers on a 25 to 45-minutes journey to discover the world around them. Keep in mind that our prices are affordable and reasonable, and we have a friendly staff; our shows are engaging, educational and entertaining. It is something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

For more details please visit our website

Or call 403. 830.7836 (STEM)

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