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Alberta Retired Teachers' Association

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ARTA was founded almost sixty years ago, as a member-run, non-profit organization set on addressing the needs of retired teachers around the province. Today, ARTA is over 24,000 members strong and offers a long list of services, including one of the best retiree benefits plans in the country, advocacy on issues that affect retirees, and wellness supports that ensure a healthy, engaged, and vibrant lifestyle long into retirement.

ARTA membership is open to retired teachers in the province who have contributed to the Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund (ATRF) for at least five years. To learn more about ARTA, eligibility, and the perks of membership, please see the this ARTA INFORMATION SHEET.

Curious about ARTA’s presence in your own community? Discover your local branch and find how they can support you through social events, retiree opportunities, and advocacy on a local level.

Lastly, before you leave today, be sure to enter for the chance to win some fabulous ARTA prizes. Submit your entry to We’re excited by the prospect of welcoming you into the ARTA family, and the chance to support you on this next, great adventure.

ARTA Contact Information

Toll Free: 1-855-212-2400

General Inquiries: 780-822-2400


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