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Pe Metawe Consulting

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Pe Metawe Consulting is an Indigenous owned and operated, community focused organization built on the idea that learning and engagement are best driven through participants having fun. The translation from Cree of Pe Metawe is "Come and Play" and is our guiding principle on how we approach our work.

We are proud to have developed several customized workshops that are geared towards supporting curriculum topics ranging from literacy, numeracy, social topics, leadership, and interactivity skills, as well as tackling issues specific to Indigenous peoples such as Allyship and the history and impacts of Treaties in Canada.

We are also able to develop and deliver customized workshops for a range of participants including students, teachers seeking professional development, and even internal team building activities. Our partnership program with the Young Alberta Book Society, Tale Quest, is a literacy focused workshop that encourages collaborative storytelling and exploration of a wide range of literary topics.

Our consumer facing retail operation, Pe Metawe Games aims to reduce barriers to tabletop gaming as well as supporting better inclusion for marginalized groups. Educators can receive a 15% discount for resources to be used in classrooms that come paired with supporting documents connecting the resources to specific curriculum topics and deliverables.

The virtual room join links will be shown here a few minutes before the session start time.
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