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Alberta Teachers' Association Local 38

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Calgary Public Teachers ATA Local 38 is a professional association committed to advancing public education in Calgary and advocating for its 8000+ teacher members in the city. As one of the largest teacher locals in Canada, our Executive Committee is comprised of 20 highly committed teachers, and our Council of School Representatives, comprised of more than 300 teachers, meets monthly during the school year.

Executive Staff Officers and the President are available throughout convention to talk to you about the issues that matter to you most. Please use the "Chat" or "Contact Us" button to reach out to us today!

While you're here, don't forget to enter our online draw for fabulous prizes! Even though we can't see you in-person, that shouldn't mean you can't win some prizes at Convention 2021! Click the raffle link and enter now!

The virtual room join links will be shown here a few minutes before the session start time.
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