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Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA)

The Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) acts on behalf of the province to oversee end-of-life processing of tires, electronics, paint and used oil materials. Our vision is INSPIRING A FUTUREWITHOUT WASTE and to-date Albertans have recycled 1.8 billion litres of used oil, 128 million tires, 28million litres of paint and 10 million electronics.

We are committed to educating Albertans about recycling across the waste streams and look forward to working with Alberta’s schools once again when we roll out our 2021-22 Electronics Roundup Programfor Schools and Non-Profit Groups in the spring of 2021. This grant program is an opportunity to raisefunds by collecting end-of-life electronics, all while decluttering and helping the environment. Staytuned!

Currently we have promotional materials on some of our recycling programs which can be ordered here.

We also welcome you to our website at for more information on our programs.

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