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Scholar's Choice

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Scholar's Choice has been serving customers across Canada for over 81 years. We are proud to be the oldest and largest distributor of educational toys, teaching materials and early childhood furniture in Canada. Family owned and operated by Scott and Cindy Webster who bring passion and commitment to everything the Scholar's brand touches with a vision to give every child a reason to love learning, so they can achieve their hopes and dreams.
15% of our population are children, but they represent 100% of the FUTURE! What we do to support young children to achieve their hopes and dreams will be our greatest LEGACY. The KEY is education cemented in the early years by PARENTS and EDUCATORS working together. It is about getting young children off screens and learning how to play again. We are ALWAYS going to be a part of your community and we are more committed than ever.

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Priya Vedula
Priya Vedula
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