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A boost for healthy legs at work

Does your profession require you to sit or stand for most of the day? Whether you are a teacher, construction worker, bus driver, nurse, or hair stylist, whether your workplace is outdoors, in a car, or in a retail shop, your feet and legs do a great job in supporting you through your entire working day.

However, the venous system in the legs is under quite some strain. You may experience heavy legs after a long work day. Read here how we help you to protect and boost your leg health and how we support your lifestyle.

Compression wear helps boost work performance

Graduated compression wear supports the proper function of your venous valves to ensure that the blood is pumped back to the heart more efficiently. As a result, your legs feel healthy and relaxed all day long, and your work performance in standing and sitting position increases.

Compression stockings can increase quality of life

Compression wear is produced in a way to exert controlled, active graduated pressure along the leg, promoting venous circulation and the return of blood to the heart. And our solutions don’t look like medical aids. There are fashionable garments using a large selection of materials in basic and fashion-forward colors for every season and occasion.

From the very first use of your compression wear, you should feel an immediate beneficial effect – pain, swelling, heavy-leg sensations, and muscle stiffness are reduced. Also, wearing compression stockings regularly improves your venous hemodynamics, thereby increasing your cardiovascular fitness.

Last, but not least, compression also aims to prevent and/or manage complications associated with venous disorders such as varicose veins, phlebitis, and venous thrombosis.

Remember your legs are for life, take care of them!


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