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One of the biggest challenges of all time faced by students and teachers is time management. Oplan was founded so that all students and teachers can develop a healthy relationship with time all while developing a love for learning both at school and in life.


Oplan currently offers two different time management tools: Sequence (hardware) and Oplan web application (software), both designed to reduce barriers to learning such as procrastination and performance anxiety. Sequence helps students visually manage their time and attention, allowing them to stay focused in class and at home. Oplan, our web application can be used to guide class activities, exams, ease transitions, and many more all while giving teachers extra time to help special needs students. Oplan web application is free to use and allows teachers to collaborate, share plans, track their students’ strengths and weaknesses, and use our template library. Our methodology is based on field expertise as well as on scientific research to create evidence-based practices.


Afterall, it is not about how much time you have available but what you do with it. When students know themselves, their strengths, and the plan at hand, they can develop a healthy relationship with time.



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