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TOWER® GARDEN by Juice Plus+

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Phone us:  403 835 1335

Bring the outdoors inside! A Tower Garden in your classroom can help you educate, excite, and inspire your students!

Here you will learn how to use Tower Garden - a soilless, vertical, aeroponic growing system - as an effective teaching tool. It uses a special water/nutrient solution that showers down over the roots, keeping them moist. Plant growth is accelerated by customized LED lights. You can share a wheeled Tower Garden amongst classrooms or move it to where learning is taking place! 

Tower Garden engages students as they study plant structure, growth, and nutrition. It enhances math, record-keeping and organizational skills, teaches about the environment, and builds teamwork. Students eat fresh, nutritious produce - food they have grown with their own hands!

Come join us to learn more about the incentives available for you and your school, and start your growing journey!

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