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Rosebud Theatre & School of the Arts

Discover the Power of Story!  Discover your story, and how to use the power of story to transform culture.

Nestled in an Alberta coulee and in partnership with Rosebud Theatre, Rosebud School of the Arts offers professional theatre training and specializes in helping students find their authentic voice in an atmosphere of safety and risk.

We believe theatre is a forum where people with different viewpoints gather together to engage in a story and leave with a deeper capacity for compassionate engagement with the world. 

What we can offer teachers:

A. Workshops in person or online:  Choose from our list or let us custom program one for your needs.

  1. A workshop in fostering the Art of Ensemble? – Practicing throwing focus and tuning as a group to champion the moment and each other.
  2. A workshop in short scene work and listening, playing off of the principle techniques of discovery, stakes, and competition using Calvin and Hobbes comic strips?
  3. A discussion on the life of an artist of faith?
  4. A workshop on opening and owning your authentic voice?
  5. A workshop on drama ministry, going from Scripture to page, and then from page to stage? (2 part option)
  6. A workshop in connecting the thoughts as an actor?
  7. Witnessing a short inspiring piece of theatre brought to your classroom or performance hall?
  8. Participating in Forum Theatre, where participants safely engage in social and moral issues through a theatrical, flexible presentation?
  9. A workshop in acting Shakespeare?
  10. A workshop in body-led movement?

B. Student matinees to Rosebud Theatre and Rosebud School of the Arts performances:  Friday March 18 at 10am Student Preview of New Blood in the Rosebud Opera House, a residential school story that leads to freedom told through dance, music and poetry partnering with performers from the Siksika First Nation.  Tickets $15.  Call the Box Office at 1-800-267-7553 for more information.

C. Attend our drama educator's workshop: Each summer for more inspiration, networking, and tips for teaching young people in the art of storytelling.

More about the mindset and culture of Rosebud:

Over the past 40 years, Rosebud School of the Arts has intentionally created a container of learning designed to practice risk. 

“In risk taking there is no failure, only growth, and theatre artists are trained to take risks,” explains Education Director Paul Muir. “Not the extreme-death-defying-adventure variety, but rather getting up in front of others and revealing our most vulnerable and authentic self. --That’s the kind of risk that has the power to transform culture.”

Mikayla Whitehouse, a recent graduate says, “theatre demands willingness and risk and the instructors here push me, but they also care, and that enables me to move forward.”

RSA grads like Mikayla are recognized in the industry as having solid training, a unique voice, a strong work ethic, and great team players.

In this time where we are saturated with information and media, we may be tempted to forget the truth of our own stories. In Rosebud students are encouraged to express their stories with bold honesty.  

We embrace the Mentorship model of learning, where students engage with their instructors in the classroom and on the stage in an environment that nurtures the creative spirit.

Do you have students who love story? Tell them to check out Rosebud Theatre & School of the Arts. 

More about our training. RSA offers a one-year certificate program in Theatre Foundations and a three-year Mentorship Program in professional theatre. Our students hone their craft through in-class studio-based learning and apprenticeship in the theatre.  We welcome students' questions and their pursuit of truth in the realms of Faith and Art. We marvel as we witness our students discover their true voice, recognize their core values, and grow into who they are meant to be.

Consider joining us in the collaborative art of storytelling supported by a generous community.

We would be happy to chat with your students about our programs. 

As a teacher at this conference you are welcome to enter a draw to win 2 dinner & theatre tickets to Rosebud Theatre's spring production of Grace & Glorie:

To enter, please email and include your name, phone number, email address, name of school, and school division.

Please Note: By entering the draw you will be added to Rosebud Theatre's email list, which you can remove yourself from at any time.

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