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Colourful Travels Inc.

Not just an ordinary colouring book!  This is a cool little book for travelers and travel lovers  alike that serves to both educate and inspire.  In it, readers will find the inspiration and impetus to take note of their touring adventures that they might not otherwise have indulged.  With Sights of Alberta,   British Columbia, Yukon, NWT and Nunavut, Ontario, The Atlantic Provinces, and The Canadian Rockies readers get a unique combination of history lesson, geography lesson, travelogue and activity book.  Whether you’ve visited the sites or not, you’ll feel like you did with unique and Colourful Travels. 

The author’s mission was to create more than just colouring books; she hopes to provide the  encouragement to visit Canada and to enjoy our beautiful, bountiful, resourceful country. She also provides the opportunity for readers who cannot travel the country to have a “staycation” and learn more about Canada from the comfort of their own home. 

The places and events chosen were meant to be fun, and interesting for the whole family.  The animals and their narratives are specific to each area of Canada, even if they are familiar to other parts of Canada. There are poems, stories and facts for everyone’s entertainment.

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