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Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA)

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Phone us:  7804158362

Since 1992, ARMA has led provincial environmental stewardship programs that recycle tires, paint, electronics and used oil materials and as we head into the next 30 years, we have a new vision of “Inspiring A Future Without Waste”.

We want to hear from you! Stop by to chat about how we can assist. We are here to help you with your curriculum whether it is to:

• Investigate and describe relationships between humans and their environments, and identify related issues and scientific questions.
• Trace and interpret the flow of energy and materials within an ecosystem.
• Analyze human impacts on aquatic systems; and identify the roles of science and technology in addressing related questions, problems, and issues.
• Analyze and evaluate mechanisms affecting the distribution of potentially harmful substances within an environment.
• Investigate and interpret the role of environmental factors on global energy transfer and climate change.
• Investigating Matter and Energy in the Environment (Social and Environmental Emphasis).
• Or you just want your class to build a future without waste.

Did you know that we can also assist you to raise funds for your school through a recycling roundup program? We are available to chat through our link:

Thursday, February 17th 
8:30am–11am • 12pm–4pm
Friday, February 18th 
8:30am–11am •  12pm–2pm

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If you fill out our survey, which we are using to gather information on how to assist teachers and their schools with more purpose, you will enter a draw for an environmentally friendly, reusable gift. Tell us in the survey how many scrap tires you think have been recycled since the tire recycling program first started in 1992.
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