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Engaging Minds for Learning & Remember When Toys, Candy & More

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Phone us:  4034871462

Did you know that Remember When Candies and Toys & Engaging Minds share the same location? We offer two unique specialty shops at one convenient location and its about to get more convenient. A nostalgia toy and candy store offering a unique selection of toys and candy for children and 'those young at heart'. We are focused on bringing back the retro toys and candy that we grew up with. Adding Engaging Minds for Learning we now offer learning resources and supplies for educators, childcare providers and families.

While shopping online you can use the following codes CCTCA10 for orders up to $ 499 or CCTCA15 for orders starting at $ 500. Teachers and schools can combine orders to get a better discount on their product. If you don't see what you need feel free to contact us and we will hunt it down for you.

We have some cool fundraising ideas for your school or classroom. Talk to us about our fundraising to help your school or classroom with equipment, field trips or any other need you may have..
                           We have Praying Mantis and Painted Lady Butterfly Rearing Kits for Pre-Order at

                                                               PRAYING MANTIS KIT (Beginning of May)

                                              Praying Mantis Egg Sac includes fruit flies                         $ 39.99

                                               Praying Mantis Egg Sac, Fruit Flies & Cage                      $ 45.99

                                                                PAINTED LADY BUTTERFLY REARING KIT

                                               Painted Lady Butterflies 40 eggs & food                             $ 39.99

                                               Painted Lady Butterflies 30 Larvae, food & cage                $ 99.99

                                               Painted Lady Butterflies 30 Larvae & food (no cage)         $ 79.99

                                               Painted Lady Butterflies 10 Larvae & food (no cage)          $ 35.99

                                               Butterfly Rearing Flight Cage                                             $ 32.99

                                                                 Delivery Dates: End of April, May, June & July

                                                                        CONTEST TIME
        Purchase a Praying Mantis or Painted Lady Butterfly kit off the website with CCTCA in the notes to be entered for a second kit during the convention.
If you like contests, our sister store Remember When Candies and Toys, on facebook has a Canada wide contest where all you need to do is like, share and tag your family and friends. Check it out!
Have a wonderful convention!
Hope to talk to you soon!

Sandra & Earl

Also talk to us about some of our cool fundraising ideas for your school. We are offering Butterflies and Praying Mantis kits or popcorn and cotton candy in a variety of flavors as a great fundraising tool for anything your class or school needs so the poster attached.

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