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Jube School

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Jube School is a multi-disciplinary site school experience operating out of the Jubilee Auditorium in both Calgary & Edmonton, Alberta. We engage learners in an exploration of The Arts with an ethnocultural focus.

Jube School is a program of personalized, interactive, arts-based learning rooted in elements of each class' curriculum. Creative explorations in the technical, visual, and performing arts will inspire learners and educators to make personal connections in, through, and about the arts. Working alongside some of the world's best teaching artists and technicians, students have hands-on opportunities to create, reflect, and explore in an environment that supports personal and social growth, empowers practical learning, and inspires curiosity that enriches the individual, the class, and our community.

Workshop Possibilities can include:

  • Audio: mic patterns, recording techniques, mixing, sound effects
  • Lighting: shadow, focus, colour exploration, shaping of light, storytelling, gobo making
  • Stage Craft: stage fly system, mechanical advantage, knots and rigging
  • Atmospherics: fog, dry ice, haze
  • Visual Arts: paint, mixed media, collage, graffiti
  • Performing Arts: improv, voice, dance, theatre games and storytelling
  • Playwriting and story generating
  • Directing 101 Workshops
  • Spoken Word & Poetry

Our team

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