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Vivo Play Project

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Welcome to the Vivo Play Project, where we’re all about (you guessed it) play!  

The Vivo Play Project is passionate about unstructured play, and we are on a mission to prove that it can lead to more active, healthier generations. Our work in this area is part of a four-year public health research initiative, and is funded by the Suncor Energy Foundation and the Public Health Agency of Canada. 

A primary focus of the Play Project is to introduce families to unstructured play, educate them on its value, and ultimately increase participation in loose parts play to help create healthier generations. 

 DISCOVERING NEW WAYS TO PLAY                         

Loose Parts Play Kits 

Packed full of items to spark imagination, Loose Parts Play Kits encourage kids to play in any way they like, anywhere they like. They come in two sizes, and for everyone’s safety, each kit is cleaned and isolated for at least 72-hours after use. We believe that the play kits are a perfect way for you to incorporate play into your classroom and spark creative thinking. Click here to book yours today!  

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Play Hubs

Play Hubs are community gathering spaces in public parks where kids can learn to play in stimulating new ways. Packed with Loose Parts and staffed by Play Ambassadors, Play Hubs are free to use and designed to challenge kids to take little risks, engage their imagination, and build a sense of belonging. View our Play Hub Schedule here to see where and when you can play next! 


 BECOME A PLAY AMBASSADOR                                    

What is a Play Ambassador?

Play Ambassadors are staff and volunteers that take play spaces to the next level. Trained to remove hazards but leave in risks, they facilitate play in ways that are often unseen but add a ton of fun for everyone.

Getting Trained

We are passionate about training the next great Play Ambassadors. If you’re ready to get your hands dirty and become a champion of play, sign up to start your training. Our FREE Level 1 training is designed to introduce you to play foundations, how to set up play in a meaningful way, and dives into play facilitation. Click here to enroll in our training!



Join our Community of Practice Meetings! 

As this project heads into its final year of research, innovation, and play, we would like to invite you to a Community of Practice (CoP). Participants will primarily collaborate online once a month for up to two hours from January 2022 to September 2022. Our CoP will be an interactive group comprised of community members, volunteers, and practitioners who will connect monthly to share experiences, tools, ideas, and challenges to learn ways they can grow and expand their work and practice. 

CoP Goals

Collaboratively develop, collect, share information and strategies for enriching the lives of children and families within Calgary that support increased physical activity, social connection, intergenerational socialization, and spontaneous play.

Explore and share best practices related to creating meaningful play experiences and provide practical support and learning opportunities for community-based play programming and their facilitators.

Analyze ways in which these learning opportunities and supports can better address the necessity for enriched play experiences within North-Central Calgary and beyond, including how unstructured play can change ways in which we raise healthier generations.

To register and become a part of the CoP meetings going forward, follow this link! Additionally, if you have any questions related to CoP, please reach out to Serena Moar by email at 

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