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Hello Teachers!

We understand that surviving the few weeks before the Christmas break can make even the most seasoned teachers feel frantic. 

Fear not! We have a sparkly, jolly, and twinkly viewing experience to offer this coming holiday season that will fill your classroom with the spirit of Christmas and ease your frazzled nerves! Read all about it below.

For the month of December 2022, Occasional Notes Productions brings their hit Canadian musical “Candy Cane Kids Holiday Movie” directly to your classroom in this live action production turned video-on-demand.

The Candy Cane Kids Holiday Movie is a fun and interactive musical filled with festive original Christmas music, dance, and an extra dose of Christmas spirit.

Movie Synopsis:

Cookie, Stripe and Pep are the Quality Control Inspectors for McJingles Incorporated. Their job is to monitor, measure and analyze Christmas spirit worldwide. This year, however, the cheery trio discover Canadian spirit is dangerously low, and pull out all the stops to raise it. Using their social media platform Jingleman they decide to broadcast live! They sing, dance, bake and cheer-on Canada in this hour long extravaganza. Are they successful? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

Learning Outcomes:

The “Gleesome Threesome” are on a journey to solve a Christmas spirit dilemma. Some of the tools they use from their Christmas spirit toolbox are:

  1. Teamwork: The importance of working together to help overcome an obstacle.
  2. Canadian Geography: How many provinces, territories, and cities can students associate with during the movie?
  3. Music: Students will experience a wide-range of musical styles from country, Broadway, pop, rockabilly, hip-hop, and many more.
  4. Dance: Students are taught how to dance along with the Bunny Hop, Twist, Disco, and modern dance moves.

How to View in the Classroom:

The video-on-demand experience can be viewed from the comfort of your own classroom from December 1st to 31st.

Simply visit: and click the link to rent the Video on Demand. 

This link will lead you to our ticket buying site. The purchase of one viewing code for $9.95 is all you will need to share this experience with your class!

Purchasing this now will ensure that you have a wonderful tool in your December toolbox!

Once you purchase, you will be emailed a viewing code. No need for you to keep track of this code! 

We know how easy it is for emails to get lost!

At the end of November, 2022, you will receive an email from us reminding you of your viewing code. 

Each classroom code provides access to viewing anytime during a 48 hour block.

Optional Prework:

If you would like to teach the songs to your students and / or have a visual of the main characters before viewing the movie,

Email us at info@occasionalnotes for the Lyric Sheets and Character Colouring Pages

Music can be found on Apple Music and Spotify





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