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Read-Along with your peers



Narrate stories from all over the world

 Imagine inspiring young learners to read more books more often.....


...and improve your students' reading skills!


Thanks for visiting our booth! Click the links below to book a meeting, and let’s tell you more about Simbi. 👋

Based in Vancouver, Simbi is a global reading and reading assessment platform with thousands of diverse books and a unique technology that helps students improve their reading skills. 


Why Simbi? 

Simbi’s methods – Reading Along, Narrating, TellMe and more – are proven to improve reading comprehension, fluency, and motivation.

By creating insightful running records from your students’ reading narrations, Simbi saves educators valuable time on reading assessments

Our gamified platform makes reading enjoyable for students, with rich, immersive worlds to explore and characters to encounter as they progress along their reading journey. 

At the same time, students can “Read for Good” on Simbi, by choosing to narrate books in our global library with the purpose to help others around the world become better readers.



Relationships Build Strong Curriculum
In the classroom or at home, 3500 books travel with each student everywhere they go!

How can Simbi help you help your students? 


📚 Create assignments from the diverse Library

🔎 Help learners improve by using reading insights for benchmarking

🔊 Leave verbal feedback to learner narrations

🏆 Organize group Read-a-Thons with Leaderboards

⛰️ Motivate your students through an interactive reading Journey 


Learn about how Simbi can help at 


We have many resources built by educators for educators that we would love to share:

📖 Reading Resources

Reading strategies and Motivation worksheets to keep students reading consistently:

Simbi's Reading Assessment Worksheet:


❣️ Social and Emotional Learning Resources

SEL Lesson Plan -Too Many Kisses:

SEL Lesson Plan -There's a Horseman in the Classroom:


We’re passionate about making reading even more meaningful and accessible — for yourself and readers around the world. With Simbi’s range of products, we encourage reflective reading practices, culturally-diverse narrator accents, and habits of giving back to the community through the act of reading.


Please contact for more information, live demonstrations, free trials,  and opportunities to learn more about our resources.


Emma House, Head of Publisher Relations

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