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Starlings Community x Collective Wellness Pow Wow

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Starlings Community x Collective Wellness Pow Wow

Starlings Community and Collective Wellness Pow Wow have come together to offer teachers opportunities to learn 

about health and healing from a relational view of wellness.


About Collective Wellness Pow Wow:

Collective Wellness Pow Wow envisions people from all nations coming together in the name of “Collective Wellness” to create alliances for a brighter future together. 

Goal: to bridge the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities through education, pow wow, sharing culture and authentic relationship building. We hope to lessen the gap that perpetuates division.

What we offer: Collective Wellness Pow Wow offers workshops, performances, plans cultural events and provides consulting work for various groups. These include but are not limited to: schools, organizations, and other professionals or spaces engaging with Indigenous peoples.

About Starlings Community:

Promoting community care that will enable the stigma of addictions to end and increase the capacity for youth who have experienced trauma to use their resilience to heal.

Goal: Empower a community that ensures youth who are impacted by the stress and stigma of a parent's drug or alcohol use are supported to move forward with hope

What we offer: Starlings Community offers workshops and resources that centre on a relational view of health and healing focused on the role of empathy in supporting youth to heal



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