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Deb has been the CFEE Team Lead for "Building Futures in Alberta" financial literacy resources for grades 7-12. The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE), in partnership with Alberta Education, has just launched and will be coordinating the “Building Futures in Alberta” program in English and French that will be comprised of a variety of activities drawing upon our existing programs, modifying and adapting a number of resources, and creating new resources, in both English and French,  to support improvements in financial education and financial literacy. CFEE has been, and will continue to launch a series of WebPD sessions to provide updates to the new resources.


The “Building Futures” project aims support the integration of a basic economic and financial education into the Alberta curriculum in grades 7-12. Resources will support Alberta teachers as they address, and answer the following question: What are the most important areas of financial, economic, and enterprising knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors in the education of Alberta youth to prepare them for their financial futures and enable youth to achieve and sustain financial health?”  As part of the commitment CFEE has made to Alberta Education, CFEE will provide free copies of the publication “Money and Youth: A Guide to Financial Literacy” to CALM teachers and students in Alberta. You can review all the resources and programs that the BFIA program will make available to teachers and students on the BFIA website at .

BFIA provides a variety of teaching tools including:
1. Learning Framework - identifies the areas of knowledge skills and behaviours suggested as important for financial literacy.
2.  Learning Map suggestions for where financial education can be integrated into Alberta’s school curriculum.
3.  Supports for Learning suggestions and resources to support the integration of instruction.

BFIA then provides free access to a variety of financial literacy programs and resources, including:
- Money and Youth - A Financial Literacy Guide available in hard copy or digital format and includes both Teachers’ Guide and Parent Guides.
- FinLit 101 - an online, interactive, self-instruction financial literacy program for students that can also be used by teachers to complement in-class instruction.
- Money Laughs - a series of 10 brief humorous videos produced by the “Just for Laughs Gags” group focusing on a variety of money topics and including “Tips” for each topic and a Teacher’s Guide
- Talk With Our Kids About Money - a program for youth ages 8-14 with a chance to win $5,000
- My Money, My Future Challenge - a program for youth ages 14-18 with a chance to win $10,000
- Ambassadors Program - provides teachers with an opportunity to link to a representative from the financial industry in their own community
- Monthly Money Quiz - students can do independently or in competition with other students, classes, and schools

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