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Medicine Wheel Publishing

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Medicine Wheel Publishing publishes culturally authentic Indigenous books, resources and tools specialized for moral and cultural education. Each book teaches a positive moral message designed to invite all children, youth and adults to engage and participate in culture with authenticity and respect.

Medicine Wheel Publishing is the publisher of many Indigenous authors as well as being the official publisher of Orange Shirt Day written by the Orange Shirt Society. Medicine Wheel Publishing has books in thousands of locations across Canada and the United States. In all of Medicine Wheel Publishing books, every word and image has the explicit approval of the Indigenous storytellers and Elders connected to the story. Through a relationship based publishing program,

Medicine Wheel Education offers a process that is culturally sound and authentic.

Not only does Medicine Wheel Publishing protect cultural stories and authors, it offers our community of Indigenous authors a way to publish their oral stories without compromising themselves.

As of 2021, Medicine Wheel Publishing has over 30 books published. Medicine Wheel Publishing is distributed and represented by Publishers Group Canada for Canadian sales and PGW in the United States. Both Strong Nations and Goodminds, largest Indigenous distributors for books in Canada, support our publishing program.

Medicine Wheel Publishing has been featured on CBC books, referenced in the House of Commons and appeared on national television. Medicine Wheel Publishing was founded by Teddy Anderson (Yel S'aghi) who is multicultural and an adopted member of the Carcross Tagish First Nations which is a Tlingit community.

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