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Taamani | Here City of Calgary Public Art Collection

Booth 205

This exhibit is curated by Sophia Lebessis (Inuit) for the City of Calgary's public art program. This exhibit will be available to be loaned to schools and communities in Calgary and Area starting Fall 2023. Schools are welcome to request up to 4 cubes. Each cube contains different artworks from the Nunavut region. Each cube has a theme: Mother and Child, Dancing Bear, Transformation, and Sedna. The artworks in each cube represent different communities individual interpretations. The exhibit comes with information panels and a packet with detailed information. Tamaani is designed for learners to follow lines of inquiry and is flexible for teachers to create their own class plans and learning activities. There are no installation costs for schools and the artwork is portable and secure. This program replaces the previous exhibit "Life Near Gjoa Haven".
Come by the booth to meet the City of Calgary curator and conservation team, see the cubes on display, and ask questions about the loan program.
Notes from the Curator, Sophia Lebessis:
Tamaani [Here] is a starting point with which to relook at Inuit art, not as a homogenous art form, but the land coming to life, bringing one into the imagination of an artists relationship with the environment that has shaped them. I draw from the words of wisdom of my mother, Rachel Qitsualik- Tinsley, who comes from a long line of cultural knowledge-keepers. From Here, I hope that in your future encounters with Inuit art, you will see how artists from different regions of Nunavut have carved out their own distinct style from a shared understanding.

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