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SpacesEDU by myBlueprint

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For the last 16 years, myBlueprint has been supporting over 1 million students in partnership with 350+ districts in discovering a blueprint for their future and has learned over this time that students are more than their grades. By listening to Canadian educators, the team at myBlueprint has developed a best-in-class e-portfolio solution for capturing and communicating student learning as it happens.

SpacesEDU is an authentic assessment and digital documentation platform that makes it easy to capture, assess, and share student growth over time. With visual documentation of learning, 360 ongoing feedback, embedded self-reflection, outcomes-based assessment, and interactive e-portfolios, SpacesEDU makes these growth moments visible. After all, students are more than their grades…. let SpacesEDU tell that story.

SpacesEDU is supporting Alberta educators by providing visual e-portfolios to track growth over time and allow for seamless communication with families. Through the proficiency-based assessment system, Alberta educators can easily track student learning toward curriculum expectations, assign levels of proficiency, view class-wide proficiency reports, and compile learning into visual report cards. The perfect compliment to any LMS system and a truly engaging way to empower students’ voices, save educators time on assessments, and engage families.

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Jordan Lewis
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