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Foothill Field Trips

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Leighton Art Centre
Leighton Art Centre is an Arts Education Centre, Art Gallery, accredited Museum, and Gallery Shop situated within the traditional territory of the Treaty 7 region. Located outside of Calgary on 80 acres of land the Leighton Art Centre has dramatic views of the Foothills and Rocky Mountains.

The Centre's site is at A.C. and Barbara Leightons original home and the Education Centre is anchored by a historic one-room schoolhouse. With a vibrant display of Albertas artists, both past and present. Barbara Leighton established the Centre in 1970 and was incorporated as a charitable society in 1974. The Leighton Art Centres team of dedicated Art & Nature educators offers quality educational experiences to elementary and junior high-aged children and youth. While schools use our programs frequently, these experiences are also a great fit for community groups such as Girl Guides, Scouts, clubs, and homeschooling groups. Learn more by visiting or email

Ann and Sandy Cross
Experience nature at the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area (ASCCA), a 4800-acre natural area of aspen forest and rolling foothills located just SW of Calgary. We currently offer 6 curriculum-based day programs designed to immerse students in hands-on outdoor learning. The area is open to hiking and snowshoeing year-round as a designated habitat conservation area and nocturnal preserve. Guidelines including restrictions on dog-walking, bikes, camping and skiing reduce impact and preserve habitat for a diverse array of Alberta wildlife. ASCCA educators are prepared to lead classes on engaging and educational guided excursions. Outside of our program offerings, we are happy to work with teachers to create unique experiences that meet their class needs. Our on-site education centre with a library of biofacts and interactive displays is also available for indoor learning. Learn more by visiting, or email

Rothney Observatory
The Rothney Astrophysical Observatory offers school programs for grades six, eight and nine. Our programs focus on sky science, light and optics and space exploration. We also offer the new curriculum astronomy and astrophysics connections. Learn more by visiting

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