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Roots of Empathy / Town of Okotoks

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Roots of Empathy
The Roots of Empathy program is delivered to elementary school children who are coached to recognize and connect with the vulnerability and humanity of a baby who visits their classroom throughout the school year with their parent(s), along with a trained Roots of Empathy Instructor using a specialized curriculum. The experiential learning with the neighbourhood parent and infant is biologically embedded in the student's brains as they observe this secure attachment relationship. Through guided observation the children label the babys feelings and intentions, learning the affective aspect of empathy (emotion) and the cognitive aspect of empathy (perspective-taking). In Roots of Empathy, emotional literacy develops as children begin to identify and label the babys feelings, reflect on and understand their own feelings, then bridge to understand the feelings of others.


Town of Okotoks
Culture & Heritage with the Town of Okotoks offers over 25 different education programs offered to grades K through 12 in our gallery, museum, and in-school. Programs are informative, curriculum-connected, hands-on and engaging.

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