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Servus Calgary Marathon - Earn, Burn and Learn

Phone us:  403-264-2996

The 2023 Servus Calgary Marathon will take place on Sunday, May 28, 2023. Schools can promote engagement and participation over the next 4 months, whether it be as race event participants, volunteers, or both. Schools can invite their students, teachers, parents, siblings and even community neighbors to participate through school running clubs, cross-country teams, physical education curriculum, leadership and volunteerism clubs...just to name a few ideas. 

Running improves physical well-being, reduces stress, helps build a stronger immune system, and prevents muscle and bone loss. It builds self-confidence and is something you can do alone or as a family unit and is essential for many sports. Perhaps the most important for us, running promotes a healthy, active lifestyle. The chance to win some money for your school is just icing on the cake!

How It Works

  1. Register your school HERE
  2. Share this opportunity with your school community (we will provide you with email templates and promotional materials!)
  3. Schools will compete in one of three categories based on student population size (0-499 students; 500-999 students; 1000+ students).
  4. Anyone connected with your school may participate: parents, students, teachers, family, friends, and community neighbours. Just ask them to select “yes” during their 2023 Servus Calgary Marathon race event or volunteer registration for the question: “Are you participating in the Earn, Burn & Learn School Contest?” They will need to select your school name from the list, and that’s it!
  5. Accumulate points for each race people in your school community sign up for, as well as each volunteer shift during race weekend!
    • Any race day distance counts towards total kilometers: 1.2 km Kids Marathon, 5 km, 10 km, Half Marathon (21.1 km), Marathon (42.2 km), and 50 km Ultra. Each kilometer = 1 point.
    • Each completed volunteer shift = 10 points.
  6. The school that accumulates the most points (in each category) through kilometers registered by runners and walkers, and completed volunteer shifts will be awarded $2000 to be applied towards fitness gear or wellness programming for the school.

Benefits for Participating Schools

  • Promotes health and wellness, as well as volunteerism
  • Encourages physical activity and community involvement
  • Opportunity to grow your schools fitness and wellness resources

Have questions?

Check out the Earn, Burn and Learn webpage HERE or send us an email at!


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