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Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation

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Phone us:  4038519053

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Boost your classroom wellness and open thinking with Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation (GRPF). GRPF provides nature-based field trips at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park and in your classroom! We are located just outside of Calgary on Hwy 1A (Crowchild Trail) towards Cochrane. Enjoy views of the mountains and 15 km of protected Bow River Valley. 

Nature-Based Field Trip Programs:

  • Ecology of the Grasslands Field Study: Grade 3 Animal Life Cycles, Grade 4 Plant Growth and Changes, Grade 4 a Sense of the Land, Grade 6 Trees and Forests
  • Explore Pond Field Study: Grade 1 Senses, The Needs of Plants and Animals, Grade 2 Small Crawling and Flying Animals, Grade 5 Wetland Ecosystems
  • Guided Class Walks: All Grades, Customized to your class
  • Archaeology in your Class: K-6 See curriculum links on our website
  • Archaeology in the Park: Grades 3-6 See curriculum links on our website

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