Saturday Seminar: Beyond Diversity: building an inclusive and empowering culture at CCL

2:00 PM, Saturday 6 Jun 2020 (3 hours 15 minutes)
Omni Shoreham Hotel - To Be Determined

Climate change affects everyone and Citizens’ Climate endeavors to engage people from all backgrounds and sectors of our society in advocating for climate solutions. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are natural outgrowths of our values of relationships, integrity, personal power, and being nonpartisan. What can we do to uplift the voices not heard enough in the climate movement? How can we recognize and overcome our internal biases and assumptions? How do we create a more inclusive and empowering culture that welcomes everyone looking to make a difference on climate change? In this workshop, Clara Fang will facilitate participants to recognize their privileges, understand challenges of interacting in a diverse environment, and brainstorm ways that our chapters and our organization can be more inclusive of all people.

Higher Education Outreach Coordinator