Robert Beede

UC Farm Advisor, Emeritus
Participates in 1 Session

After 34 plus years of service to the University of California and Southern San Joaquin Valley grape, tree fruit, and nut growers, Bob officially retired from Cooperative Extension in June of 2013. He is now a private Pomology consultant. During his UC tenure, Bob conducted research on disease and pest management, irrigation, weed control, and cultural practices.

He partnered with Dr. David Goldhamer to develop the first crop water use data for walnuts and pistachios. Strategies for regulated deficit irrigation in drought years were also created. Bob is credited for discovering the efficacy of ReTain®, an AVG-based plant growth regulator, as a commercial solution to pistillate flower abortion in walnut. He also performed the first rest breaking studies on pistachio with horticultural mineral oil in California, and developed the data needed for its commercial implementation. Among Bob’s many contributions to the cultural practices of the crops he served, his discovery of the compensatory effect of pistachio to pruning and early nut loss, and research on how best to mechanically prune this Biblical nut crop is noteworthy. He is honored to assist the Citizen’s Climate Lobby in moderating the agriculture panel.

Sessions in which Robert Beede participates

Saturday 27 February, 2021

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