Climate and Health Breakout Session: How Advocates Can Frame the Health Impacts and Co-benefits Discussion to Maximize Action

2:00 PM, lundi 20 juin 2016 (1 heure)
Break   03:00 PM à 03:15 PM (15 minutes)
Please join us to learn from an outstanding group of experts on climate and health, Dr. Jonathan Patz, Dr. Mona Sarfaty, and Dr. Natasha DeJarnette. They will answer a series of questions designed to highlight important health impacts of climate change, as well as the health and economic co-benefits of taking action on climate. Each of the panelists is a well-known expert in his or her field and will provide insights about how to mobilize our health communities to build the political will for a stable climate. If time remains, the floor will be open for questions from the audience.
Grand Traverse Pathology, Munson Medical Center
Physician, Surgical Pathologist
George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication
Director of the Program on Climate and Health
Global Health Institute of the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Professor and Director
American Public Health Association
Policy Analyst – Environmental Health
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