Engaging Businesses & Influencers in Climate Advocacy

4:30 PM, lundi 20 juin 2016 (1 heure)
Dinner (on your own)   05:30 PM à 07:30 PM (2 heures)
 Let’s tap the power of business leaders to lobby with us!  In this session, our Business Climate Leaders (BCL) Action Team and an expert panel will explore how to get your business community to join you in advocating for a price on carbon.  This is a huge opportunity area for CCL.  Imagine your Chapter getting local and regional business leaders to add their voice in meetings with your MoC!  

You will hear about BCL’s progress and setbacks and what we have learned to win support.  You will learn how to identify potential business partners, approach them with confidence and ease, and collaborate with them to show MoC’s that the private sector supports CCL’s approach.  You will leave with ideas, techniques and resources to expand your influence and attract business support at local and national levels.
Business Climate Leaders
Director of Engagement
American Sustainable Business Council
Director of Policy & Engagement
World Wildlife Fund
Manager, Climate & Business
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