11-700 Course Policy  


Fall 2017   •   2:30 - 3:50 p.m.   •   Porter Hall, Room 100 

Graham Neubig, Instructor
Junwei Liang, Teaching Assistant

ATTENDANCE  You are required to attend all of the lectures.  Absences will be excused only if you are out of town, sick, or under extreme circumstances.  Generally speaking, an approaching paper deadline or "being really busy" is not an acceptable reason to skip a lecture.  We expect that most students may miss at most one lecture during the whole semester.  Frequent unexcused absences will require you to make up for the missed lectures with a critique based on one lecturer's published research.  If you must miss a lecture, please contact the course TA in advance of your absence. The colloquium runs from 2:30 p.m. until the end of the Q&A period following the presentation.  It is not acceptable to depart when the speaker finishes the last slide.  Arriving late is impolite and shows poor time-management skills.  If you have a class immediately prior to the colloquium, please try to arrive on time anyway.

COURSE CREDIT  To receive credit for the course, students must attend all lectures and successfully complete an on-line quiz made available at the close of each talk.  To determine attendance and pass/fail grades, at the end of each lecture we will reveal a password to shoutkey.com.  You will only have until midnight of the same day to access the website, confirm your presence in the lecture hall, and answer a few quiz questions about the content of the lecture.  Students who miss too many lectures or with low grades on the quizzes will be required to submit an eight-page critique of one the lecturer’s research publications at the end of the semester to receive a passing grade. This report should NOT be about the student's own research, even if it is related to the lecturer's work.

LAPTOPS DURING LECTURES  We are able to attract excellent speakers to present talks to our students because we can promise them a large, knowledgeable, and engaged audience.  Although laptops can be used for lecture-related activities like taking notes and looking something up, a large number of open laptops (and, even more egregiously, a large number of eyeballs focusing on them) can demoralize speakers.  So, while we don't want to micro-manage students, we ask that you continue to keep your laptops closed except for brief periods when you need to use them for lecture-related activities.  Please use your best judgment so that we don't need to revisit this issue.