Guest WiFi

Welcome to Carnegie Mellon's guest wireless services. You will need your event access code and your valid non-CMU email address.
  1. Connect your WiFi enabled device to the CMU-GUEST wireless network.
  2. Browse to any web page; you will be redirected to the guest wireless service page.
  3. Enter a valid (non-CMU) email address and your event access code. Only one session is allowed per email address.

    2017-2018  Colloquium Event Access Codes

         Sep - Nov:  ERGLF49K
    Dec - Feb:  K2D59MCJ
    Mar - May:  TUVU43UE

  4. Accept the terms of use and click Log In.

You will be redirected to the web page originally requested. At this point, you are free to browse to other websites.

NOTE: If your wireless connection to CMU-GUEST times out, re-enter your email address and access code to re-connect. To speed network access when you start or wake your computer, you may want to make CMU-GUEST your preferred network in your device network settings for the duration of your visit.