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I have been costuming from the moment my mom gave me duct tape, hot glue and cardboard at about age 8 or 9. She always encouraged me to make things out of found Items and recycled materials and I built everything from tanks, space ships and robots for playing with, to my own costumes for halloween.

Fast forward to college. For my Film and Production class I did a Sci-fi film where my Mom taught me to sew some of the costumes for the Aliens and soldiers and the first armor suit I ever designed also appeared in the film. It was around this time I discovered Bay Area fandom through a Star Trek fan club. It is also where I was introduced to conventions and where I first met my wife Mette. When I went to my first convention all those years ago I was so wowed by all the fans wearing costumes that I felt a little naked without one of my own. I drove home that night and got one of the alien costumes I had made for my film and went back and wore it all weekend at the convention. It was so much fun and the community was so welcoming and diverse.

I tend to gravitate towards armor, weapon and prop construction but I also enjoy doing some sewing from time to time. I really do love the process of picking, designing and building a costume. It is a great feeling to select something that means a lot to me and create it from scratch.

Mette and I have now been costuming together for 17 years and we have built costumes together and solo, some for hall costuming and some for masquerade entries, but we always costume together and will help each other with advice or details. We both like to challenge ourselves, try new mediums, new tools and new construction methods. We find that costuming is a great hobby to express our fandom with the added bonus of creating wearable art. What a long crazy trip it has been to go from building costumes out of cardboard at my mom’s kitchen table to competing at the international level and judging in masquerades!

I love PBR, talking costume shop at a rapid clip and long walks down convention hallways. Come find me at the con!

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Saturday October 1, 2016

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