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Adrienne Foster has been both a paranormal buff and science fiction fan all of her life. She has had a passion for the study of ghosts since she was child. Her first novel was a murder mystery that took place in a haunted house. As an on-line reviewer for, she specialized in writing about haunted hotels, destinations and restaurants, as well as books, movies and documentaries on the topic. In October 2008, she picked up the gauntlet when Bay Area Ghost Hunters was looking for a new organizer. At the time it had 227 members; it now has over 1500 and is about to celebrate its tenth anniversary. She enjoys seeking out and introducing BAGH members to public haunted venues and looking for local ghost stories.

In the science fiction world, she has worked on conventions, fanzines and clubs with the most emphasis on Star Trek, Wonder Woman and the John Steed and Emma Peel version of The Avengers. She is long-standing member of the Bay Area Science Fiction Association (aka BASFA). Her biggest claim to fame is organizing the writers workshop for 11 genre conventions–seven of those being for the World Science Fiction Convention (aka Worldcons).

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Saturday October 1, 2016

3:00 PM
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