Feedback Session

dimanche 2 oct.   04:00 PM à 05:30 PM (1 heure 30 minutes)
SandPebble B
This is the time for you to join us and tell us about all the stuff you did this weekend that you enjoyed! NOTE: As we are attempting to make sure that all negative feedback and constructive criticism is tracked and responded to appropriately (as needed), we are requesting that any feedback of that sort please be sent in writing. Anonymous feedback can be submitted via our web form, or by leaving a written response with Info Desk. If you wish to have a response, you can leave your name, or write a direct email to  We appreciate everything our attendees have to say regarding how we can make this event better, and are dedicated to making sure that suggestions for such are passed on to the next year's staff, and given fair attention.  Thank you for accomodating our attempts to change- and won't it be nice to travel home, after hearing what a great time everyone has had?

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