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CNZ-Site Selection

20 June 2020, 0:00 - 29 July 2020, 12:00


Note:  If you arrived at this page and were intending to go to Virtual CoNZealand, use this link: 


Site Selection  for voting for the 2022 Worldcon

CNZ Site Selection Advance Membership Payment  Instructions

1) Welcome to Site Selection for the 2022 Worldcon.

 2) In the very top right hand corner, click on the words "Log in"

 3) At the “Log In” page, enter the email address that is associated with your CoNZealand registration. Click “Continue.”

 4) If this is your first time logging into Grenadine, you will be asked to confirm that it is you - please follow the confirmation instructions.

 NOTE: If you choose to have a "Magic Link" sent to your e-mail address as part of your confirmation, it is only good for 1 hour.

 5) After clicking on the login link from email, click on "CNZ-Site Selection" at the top of the page. (Not the bottom one.) You do not need to complete the personal information on this page to vote.

 6) Click on either “Get More Tickets” under the “You’re Registered!” button on the right side of the screen OR go to the bottom right of the screen, click “Add to Cart” and then click on "Proceed to Check Out" in the green bar at the top of the screen. 

 7) Fill out your name and address information form and then click “Continue.”  You have 20 minutes to complete the purchase process.

 8) Review your information to make sure it is correct. Click “Pay with a credit card” and enter your credit/debit card payment information.

 9) The screen will show a Confirmation # at the top of your receipt. Write this number in the “voting token” field on your ballot.  You will receive 2 confirmation emails, one from Grenadine and one from, which is the Stripe record for your credit card charge. 

Go to CoNZealand's Site Selection page> for the ballots and full voting instructions.

Example image of token purchase below: