Setting Your Local Time Zone and Other Grenadine Customizations

Setting Your Time Zone

Once you are able to log into Grenadine for CoNZealand, you will be able to set your time zone so, on the programme item detail page, both NZT & your time will appear.

On the main schedule pages, such as the list of items by day, only NZT time is displayed.

Once you have set your local time zone, although the local time is not displayed on the schedule pages, every programme item detail page shows both NZT and your local time.

To set your local time zone:

1. Log in to Grenadine on CoNZealand, select the "My Account" option to display this menu on the left-hand side of the page:

2. Select the "My Settings" option to display this screen:

3. To display your local time zone on programme item detail pages, click on the "Home time zone" field to list the time zones. Click on your time zone. If you are a panelist and want to display your schedule on the speakers page, slide the "My Schedule is Private" button to make it turn green and read "Show My Schedule."

4. Click the Save button to save your settings.

The next time you redisplay a programme item detail page, your local time appears beneath NZT time.

Since the your time zone cannot be viewed on the schedule pages (unless you live in New Zealand), keep the Time Zone Converter handy