We'll be adding more information to this file during the VIrtual CoNZealand.

Log on

Getting ready to log on - see https://conzealand.nz/programme-events

If you have trouble with a log in to Grenadine, check:
1. In the case of old logins being "sticky" (such as site selection) - clear your cookies for the grenadine.co domain.
2. If the log in asks you to identify yourself, you said it was not you but realize that it was, email programme-ops@conzealand.nz and they will merge your multiple records.
3. If the system says there is multiple records for you - email programme-ops@conzealand.nz and they will merge your multiple records.
4. If you login and Grenadine says you are not registered (which means can't see the Zoom links or sign up for KKs etc) then either you are not registered in the registration database or there are two records to merge and the email they logged in with is not the one in reg. Go to https://members.conzealand.nz/

Have the same email at Registration and Discord, still can’t log on - write logon-helpdesk@conzealand.nz

General Division Information



Code of Conduct



Programme participant with a question/issue: programme-ops@conzealand.nz

Setting Your Time Zone and Updating Your Calendar -https://sites.grenadine.co/sites/conzealand/en/conzealand/about/pages/44/Setting+Local+Time+Zone%2C+Calendar+Import+and+Other+Grenadine+Customizations

Note: The list of Time Zones on the drop down list doesn’t distinguish between Daylight vs. Standard time. So just select your time (such as Eastern Time) and Daylight time is automatically figured in. Remember, your local time zone only appears on the programme detail page (the longer programme description page) and if you download your schedule to a calendar such as Apple, Outlook or Google.

Signing up for an Item - Go to an item that requires sign up (such as a kaffeeklatch or a workshop) and select the “Sign Up and Add to My Schedule Button” on the right. If the session is full, you’ll see a “Session is Full” message on the right instead.

If you signed up for an item and don't want to go to it, every sign up item has a waitlist, so people on the waitlist will get your spot.

But you can also cancel your sign up by pressing the Cancel Your SIgnup link that's on the detail item page for that item:

Note: Sometimes, sign-up is added to an item that's appeared in the schedule. When sign-up is added late, we have to remove all favorites as favoriting "clashes" with with the sign-up feature

Mobile app: Due to some incompatibilities between the Grenadine mobile app and the new CoNZealand login, we cannot implement the mobile app for CoNZealand. We apologize.

Print your schedule - it is working now. When you press the print button, the schedule is written to a file and appears on your screen. You then have to press print from the application that displays the schedule page, such as Preview if you're using a Mac.

Where are the session recordings?

Install The Fantasy Network app to view the recordings: https://sites.grenadine.co/sites/conzealand/en/conzealand/about/pages/78/Streaming+Videos+of+CoNZealand+Sessions+through+The+Fantasy+Network+Apps They will be available to attending members of CoNZealand until 09 Aug.

The Hugo Awards Ceremony will be live streamed11:00, Saturday 1 Aug 2020 NZST (New Zealand), midnight, Saturday 1 Aug 2020 BST (UK) and 19:00, Friday 31 Jul 2020 EDT (US)