Many programme items are being recorded and will appear online for attending CoNZealand members.  As of early 02 August, videos for Wednesday, Thursday & Friday are available.  They will be available for viewing until 09 August.

We are not recording kaffeeklatches, literary beers, workshops, or some items such as readings or presentations we were asked not to record.

To access more of the recordings, you will need to download a Fantasy Network app.

When you download your app, click a few screens until you reach one where your options are

Become a Supporter

Watch for Free


Select "Watch for Free"

Scroll up until you see the "CoNZealand Member Programming" screen. Select that screen

On the "Sign in" screen, enter the email address you used to for the Virtual CoNZealand login.

Once you log in you'll see screens for "Member Programming," the Film Festival," and day by day programming. Select a screen to display what you would like to see.

To find what a sessions or a programme participant, use the search in the app at the top of the screen

For example, the panel "Is it Time for a Best Video Game/Interactive Media Hugo?" was on July 29. If you want to view that panel, search for "Is it Time for a Best Video Game/Interactive Media Hugo?" to view that video.

To leave a video, click the X at the top left of the screen.

To find a person on a reading, kaffeeklatche or literary beer, enter their name in the search bar. To see if Melinda Snodgrass has one of those items, enter "Melinda" to display those kinds of items.

The search does not work for panelists on an item. To find videos in which specific panelists appear, refer to your Grenadine CoNZealand Schedule using the Speakers list at the top of the page. Search for a person you would like to see a video, such as Garth Nix. When you scroll on his list in Grenadine, you' will see he is on several items, including the "Young Adult SF and Fantasy from New Zealand and Australia" item.

Return to The Fantasy Network app, and search for "Young Adult SF and Fantasy from New Zealand and Australia."  That way you can find a video with Garth Nix on it.