rdm (Rob)

I live in Western Australia on Whadjuk Noongar boodjar, not far from the sea. I pay my respects to the Elders of all First Nations past, present and emerging.

I've attended two previous Worldcons - Melbourne in 1999, and Helsinki in 2017. I have also attended over 30 Swancons, and many other Perth conventions. With my amazing wife Leece, I have been FGOH at Swancon, and we have run the gaming stream there more than once.

I enjoy reading, role-playing, boardgames, kayaking, mer-swimming, riding my Me-Mover HPV and my recumbent trike, and, linking it all together, photography. It is rare to see me without a camera close to hand. I also enjoy cooking (gluten-free - I have coeliac disease), playing with zero-proof cocktails, and learning the Noongar language. 

You can also find me on the online boardgaming site yucata.de as rdmasters. Play a game with both Leece and I during the con, and we'll send you a ribbon (just like we would have given you if we'd gamed in person). Only if you are happy to share a postal address with us, of course. You can also ask me about how to get a special ribbon from Leece. Lastly, if we like something you've done, we might just ask to send you a ribbon from out of the blue.

Other gaming options to catch up with me are Galaxy Trucker, Codenames, and Ticket to Ride. I'll even give the Mysterium app a go :)