Mad Poetess

Semi-retired fanfic writer, full-time public servant, RPG wrangler, and cat juggler.

In another life, MP smooshed Buffy characters together and made them kiss; now she mostly moves characters around on spreadsheets while other people make them kiss. She likes to create silly fannish crafts for her friends, and she dabbles in cosplay at the skill level of  "no, you can't have closeups of my seams, dear god."

She also consumes entirely too much format-neutral horror fiction; give her more. (Suggested criteria: stringy-haired ghost girls, creepy twins, or the word "Datlow" on the spine.)

In her non-fannish life, MP writes policies for government agencies which might win a Hugo someday if only for the fantastic fiction of anyone believing they'll actually be followed,

She lives in flyover country with her wife and cosplay videographer Maeyan and an ever-shifting number of cats, a plagiarized but accurate line from a bazillion internet bios and the occasional book jacket. Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal. (She also used to write poetry.)