Robert Silverberg

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Robert Silverberg has been a full-time professional writer since 1955. Among his many books are LORD VALENTINE'S CASTLE, DYING INSIDE, NIGHTWINGS, A TIME OF CHANGES, and THE BOOK OF SKULLS. He is a many-time winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards and in 2004 was named a Grand Master by the Science FIction Writers of America. He and his wife, who writes under the name of Karen Haber, live in the San Francisco area.

Sessions in which Robert Silverberg participates

Thursday 30 July, 2020

Time Zone: NZST/Wellington
A Chat with Bob and George 50 minutes, 15:00 NZST - 15:50 NZST

Programming - Programme Room 1 (Webinar)


George R. R. Martin (Participant)

Robert Silverberg (Participant)

Friday 31 July, 2020

Time Zone: NZST/Wellington
The Second Golden Age: SF of the 1960s 50 minutes, 11:00 NZST - 11:50 NZST

Programming - Programme Room 2 (Webinar)


Bradford Lyau (Moderator)

Robert Silverberg (Panelist)

Cora Buhlert (Panelist)

Jack Dann (Panelist)

Kathryn Sullivan (Panelist)

Saturday 1 August, 2020

Time Zone: NZST/Wellington
Hugo Awards Ceremony 3 hours 30 minutes, 11:00 NZST - 14:30 NZST

Events - Events Room


Mercedes Lackey, High Flight Arts and Letters (Presenter)

Rose Mitchell (Presenter)

Robert Silverberg (Presenter)

Alison Scott, Punctuation (Presenter)

Erin Underwood (Presenter)

Larry Dixon (Presenter)

Greg Broadmore, Weta Workshop (Presenter)

George R. R. Martin (Moderator)