Chris Winspear

Founder / Writer
Manifester 3D
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Chris Winspear is an Australian author with a Masters of Creative Writing from UTS, Sydney. He ran his own 3D printing business, Manifester 3D, and also worked in several factories in both the US and Australia as an industrial designer. Recently he has begun working for the Transport NSW. He dreams about how much more efficiently transport will run once the AIs take over. Chris is obsessed with travelling, having volunteered in Peru, studied in Korea, and worked in upstate New York. He hopes to visit Mars one day – but will settle for the Moon. He was a 1st Place Winner in the recent Writers of the Future Contest 2020. He is currently seeking an agent to represent his standalone novels All for Birth and 1001 Nights under the Sun. You may learn more about him at

Sessions in which Chris Winspear participates

Saturday 1 August, 2020

Time Zone: NZST/(GMT+12:00) Wellington

Programming - Programme Room 2 (Webinar)


Deborah Munro, University of Canterbury (Moderator)

Tore Høie, Fringilla (Panelist)

Mark English, Clarinspect (Panelist)

Curtis Chen, SFWA (Panelist)

Chris Winspear, Manifester 3D (Panelist)