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Mark discovered fandom when he saw a poster for Aussiecon in the Kalamunda Public Library in 1975. Unfortunately, his parents did not appreciate the significance of the first Australian Worldcon and declined to send their 14 year old son to Melbourne for the weekend - concerned that anything could happen to an impressionable young lad from Western Australia in a hotel full of sf reading desperados. More fortunately, in 1977, they encouraged Mark to attend Swancon 2 - which did involve flying from Geraldton to Perth and back again but couldn't possibly involve staying in a hotel full of sf reading desperados (because Swancon 2 was held in a community hall). The rest, as they say, is history and includes fandom in Perth, Melbourne, Washington D.C. and Canberra with fanzines, conventions and other fannish activities along the way.

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Saturday 1 August, 2020

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