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Australian Glenda Larke spent most of her working life in Malaysia, Austria and Tunisia. Besides teaching English, she worked for 25 years in rainforest avifaunal conservation for the Malaysian Government and international conservation organisations. Along the way, she also published 13 fantasy novels. Meeting a publisher's deadline sometimes involved typing in tents or on fishing boats, or correcting proofs in logging camps or bird hides. In 2015 she won the inaugural Aurealis Sara Douglass Series Award for her “Stormlord” Trilogy. She has also won the Australian Ditmar Award for Best Novel and the W.A. Tin Duck for Best Long Professional Work. She's now retired to Western Australia and has just finished her 14th novel, “The Fugitive Queen”.

Sessions in which Glenda Larke participates

Wednesday 29 July, 2020

Time Zone: NZST/Wellington
Reading: Glenda Larke 25 minutes, 16:30 NZST - 16:55 NZST

Programming - Reading Room 2


Glenda Larke (Speaker)

Thursday 30 July, 2020

Time Zone: NZST/Wellington

Programming - Programme Room 3 (Webinar)


Maiya Ibrahim (Panelist)

Catherine Lundoff, Queen of Swords Press (Moderator)

Lee Murray (Panelist)

Glenda Larke (Panelist)

Friday 31 July, 2020

Time Zone: NZST/Wellington
Kaffeeklatsch: Glenda Larke 50 minutes, 13:00 NZST - 13:50 NZST , Signup required

Programming - Kaffeklatch and Literary Beer Room


Glenda Larke (Participant)