Erika Kuta Marler

Heads and Tails Publishing

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Erika is innately curious and has picked up an assortment of facts and anecdotes over the years and researches anything she has an interest in. There is always another story to read.

Erika takes every opportunity to improve her craft. Her critique group involves wereslugs, she volunteers at author signings and has been known to audit Masters level writing courses, for fun. She is thrilled to be involved with ConNZ because she went to high school in Hamilton, N.Z.

She has a unique perspective into the publishing world. As the CEO of Heads and Tails Publishing. She assists authors and other creatives, in producing amazing shared universes. She has had extensive experience across the country helping readers connect with their favorite authors and finding new loves. Her Paranormal Fantasy novel Eden’s Outcast is out along with six exclusive novellas published by Heads & Tails Publishing.